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Private Surgeons

Mr Hywel Williams

Clifton Park Hospital Ltd, Shipton Road, York, UK, United Kingdom
Nuffield Health, Haxby Road, Clifton, York, UK, United Kingdom
Phone: 07595 218449

Mr Williams treats a wide range of conditions of the shoulder and elbow. He has extensive experience in treating instability problems, rotator cuff pathology, and in joint replacement surgery for arthritis of both shoulder and elbow. Many conditions can be treated using keyhole surgery. For conditions that do not require surgery, Mr Williams can arrange treatment by the most appropriate physiotherapist for your condition.


Mr Williams has worked at York Hospital since 1999 when he was appointed as Consultant. He founded the Shoulder & Elbow Unit in York, introducing modern arthroscopic techniques for shoulder and elbow surgery to York Hospital. He started working at Clifton Park Hospital in 2006.


In 1996-7 Mr Williams completed his orthopaedic training with a prestigious one-year shoulder fellowship under the guidance of the world-renowned shoulder surgeon, Mr Stephen Copeland. He spent some of this year gaining further experience from leading experts in the field of shoulder surgery in Germany and Austria.


His philosophy is that every person is unique, and he is able to apply his experience and expertise to your individual situation in order to gain the best possible results for you.