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Why go private?

The benefits of private healthcare

  • Rapid access to a Specialist Consultant Surgeon with the expertise that you require for your surgery.
  • Rapid access to high-quality imaging and diagnostics, with no undue delays.
  • Your consultant will be with you all the way, from first appointment, to surgery and through to your rehab and recovery, with genuine continuity of care.
  • Get the operation that you need NOW, without long waits, before your condition gets worse and harder to treat.
  • Put yourself in the driving seat and take control of your own health.

The benefits of self-funding your surgery

If you don’t already have private medical insurance but you develop a medical condition, it’s then very difficult, if not impossible, to take out a new insurance policy (unless it’s a very expensive ‘gold star’ policy that accepts pre-existing conditions… but these cost a small fortune).


Paying directly, yourself, for private healthcare puts you in the driving seat and means that you can pick and choose exactly who to see, where and when!

Many private medical insurance companies will restrict a patient’s access to the more senior and experienced consultants: instead, diverting their ‘customers’ to the cheapest available options only.


Likewise, if a patient approaches a private hospital directly, then that hospital will ‘farm the patient out’ only to those consultants that have signed a contract with them, whereby the hospital can dictate a limited range of options to the consultant, based on cost, not quality.


With self-pay private healthcare, it is you, the patient, who is empowered as ‘the consumer’ with true choice and true ‘buying power’, to help ensure that you get the surgery that you need from the consultant specialist of your choice!


At Loans4ops our aim is to provide access to fair and ethical finance options for patients wanting to access self-pay private healthcare, but who might not have the up-front funds available at their disposal.

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Need advice?

If you need further advice about how to access self-funding private healthcare or about how to apply for funding through Loans4ops, then please simply get in touch…