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How it works

Request a loan for your op...

Loans4ops is authorised by the FCA for credit broking. L4O works with other authorised companies who have a number of lenders on their panels. Together, we work with the other authorised companies to find you the best deal to help finance your operation, putting you in the driving seat and allowing you to take control of your own healthcare needs.

The loans available to you

Our brokers provide unsecured loans from £3000 to £30,000 at competitve rates and over terms of up to 7 years.  Options can be provided for people with a range of financial backgrounds, with a quick and simple application process.

You should already have been seen by a Consultant Surgeon in the private sector, and A) told what operation you need, and B) been given a quote by your Surgeon for the total cost of your surgery.

If you haven’t, then use our CONSULTANT SEARCH tool to find your nearest L4O Approved Consultant.

We will liaise with your surgeon, and if you meet our criteria then we will process your application, and you will be kept fully informed whilst your loan application is being considered.

How to Apply for a loan


If you would like to apply for an unsecured loan then please simply click here and send us your relevant details: