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At the time of L4O’s launch, there were over 5,000,000 people recorded as waiting for treatment on the NHS, with over 500,000 people waiting just for orthopaedic procedures alone; with over 67,000 of these having already waited over 1 year for their treatment. Nowadays, patients are routinely being told that they could end up having to wait 3 years for routine surgery on the NHS.


Loans4ops was created to provide rapid access to private healthcare to a greater proportion of the UK population, allowing people to bypass lengthy NHS waiting lists and get the surgery that they need, NOW!

Get the funding to take control of your healthcare

You don’t need to have private medical insurance to be able to access private healthcare. However, costs for operations can be considerable. An ethical medical loan from reputable, understanding and reasonable lenders allows you to cover the costs of private surgery without having to pay large sums up-front.

Take control of your health. Get the funds you require to empower yourself so that you can pick the surgeon, the hospital and the timing of the surgery that you require.
Loans for Ops Limited (Company no. 13035566) is a registered company with the FCA (Reg no. 13035566).
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If you have any queries about healthcare costs or access to private Consultant Surgeons or private medical facilities, then get in touch, and we will endeavour to answer your queries.


L4O screens and vets all of its affiliated surgeons, and we only work with Specialist Consultant Surgeons on the Specialist Register of the GMC...


Before committing to any surgery, it is essential that you have a clear specific diagnosis and that you understand all your options and any associated risks...

How it Works

Loans4ops is an Independent Appointed Representative of Norton Broker Services, and together we work to find you the best deal for financing your op...

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L4O will treat your application in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy, working with our broker to help find you the most appropriate loan for your personal situation, so that you can get rapid access to the funding that you need for you to be able to have the surgery that you need. Take control of your healthcare and your health, now!