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Surgeon’s Sign Up

Loans4ops Ltd is an FCA-registered company that it licenced to introduce potential customers to registered loans brokers.

Loans4ops was created to try and help self-funding private patients acquire the funds that they might require, so as to allow them to be able to access the many benefits of the private healthcare system. By providing access to suitable and appropriate funding, patients can be empowered and can take control of their healthcare, with access to the surgeon of their choice for the procedure of their choice, without interference from other third-party agents such as private medical insurance companies or private hospital groups, all of which may seek to limit the range of what might actually be available to the patient.


As an L4O Approved Consultant, your patients will have access to L4O’s facilities and potential funding for the surgery that they might need.


All L4O Approved Consultants must be Specialist Consultant Surgeons on the Specialist Register of the GMC and in good standing with the GMC. L4O does not charge surgeons to become L4O Approved Consultants; however, our surgeons must sign up to L4O’s quality and governance assurances, which includes an undertaking to screen and assess patients for potential ‘vulnerable customer’ status, as a means of ensuring that those in society deemed most vulnerable to risk are duly protected from any potential bad financial decision-making.


To find out more about registering with L4O as an Approved Consultant, please complete this short on-line expression of interest form, and we will then e-mail you further information, along with a copy of our full terms and conditions and a full application form…